• The Canary is a device that attaches to a divers second stage regulator and lights up to display tank pressure. While the diver cannot see their own Canary display the advantage of having the device fitted benefits divemasters, dive instructors, or dive buddies as it promotes communication concerning the most important thing you have underwater….. AIR.

  • The device has a sensor that screws into the high-pressure port or your first stage regulator and gathers realtime air pressure levels, this information is then sent to the light display located near the second stage regulator.

  • The Canary device cannot be seen by the diver, rather the device is used to continually and ambiently broadcast the tank pressure to any other divers in the company. The Canary is intended to be a representative display for a precise numerical value divers should check their SPGs

  • Yes, it sure does, the Canary has a calibration function that allows it to be used on all different types of tanks no matter the size or pressure capacity.

  • The Canary device is designed to attach to any second stage regulator hose and will also screw into the high-pressure port of all first stage regulators. If you only have one high-pressure port on your first stage regulator you can purchase Canary’s high-pressure port splitter which allows you to still use your SPG at the same time as the Canary unit.

  • The Canary has about 100 dives worth of battery life assuming each dive is approximately 45 minutes long and with battery replacement kits available the future of dive safety certainly looks very bright.